Aitor Laspiur is a Madrid-based photographer. (view site)

with Adam Ridgeway Jerome AB is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with a practice specializing in choreography, movement direction, video and spatial design based in Los Angeles. (view site)

with s74100 ELEX is Lisbon-based brand focus on people, clothes & culture. (view site)

with Adam Ridgeway Block Productions is a full service production company based in NYC and LA with a focus on Stills and Motion in Fashion and Beauty, but touching on all areas of content creation. (view site)

with Plus Mûrs Nesr Art Foundation is an independent art foundation based in Angola. (view site)

with Querida Thomas Meyerhoffer is a designer, innovator and entrepreneur. (view site)

with Estudio Mendue Estudio Mendue is design studio based in Madrid. (view site)

with Pedro Mata Pedro Mata is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Lisbon. (view site)

with Plus Murs Sigg Art Foundation is an independent and non profit organization. (view site)

with Plus Murs Sora Dora is a french perfume brand. (view site)

with Querida Production services and creative direction company aiming to create the truly diverse video content that modern audiences demand. (view site)

with N-E Digital Visual Studies is a project funded by the Max Planck Society and hosted by the University of Zurich that aims to expand Art History towards the Digital Humanities, to modernize its methodologies and to contribute in forming the first generation of Digital Visual Humanists. (view site)

with s74100 Berlin based film director Luís Silva. (view site)

Zara's minisite to showcase the new collection

with s74100 The Communication Studio is a 360 communication studio with an eclectic approach. (view site)

with Cárter Studio Delarge is an eyewear brand based in Barcelona. (view site)

with Querida Estudio Além perceives architecture as a patient process where the complexities of each layer that makes up the project are resolved from the simplicity of a conceptual integrity. (view site)

with Golgotha Anywhere is a Creative Agency based in Paris working on content production, digital & strategy. (view site)

Pedro Artola is a Northern Spanish director based between Paris and Barcelona. (view site)

with Querida Camisas Manolo is a Madrid-based shirt brand making unique menswear pieces. (view site)

Adrian Bernal is a Paris based stylist, casting director and artist. (view site)

Julieta Alvarez is a ceramic brand specialized in jewelry, decorative objects and art-crafts. (view site)

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